Meet the Practice

The Philosophy of Tustin Bodywork Bistro (TBB) has been one that encompasses patient education, patient involvement, with a natural solution to health and wellness. It is unfortunate that our current healthcare system focuses on symptom relief, without really knowing what the origin of the illness is, and most often with very little understanding of the illness by patient. We are facing a major dysfunction in our country’s healthcare system today. It is directly related to this quick fix relief model, which has contributed to the current increase in healthcare costs, chronic health issues- which lead to many preventable surgeries, and meanwhile the patient is completely left in the dark. Regrettably this is considered the norm for most Americans, mainly because this is what they know. This is why it is Dr. Laila Nayab-Murshidi’s mission is to provide access to education to everyone she comes across about chiropractic and how it can contribute to the overall health of the body, which will enable them to educate their families and others they know, and one by one we can make a difference and save a life. She provides health and wellness workshops at TBB, lunch and learn talks at schools, churches, and places of work at no charge. She believes that it is so critical for our schools to have influences of health and that it is never too soon to begin, which is why a large percent of children are under chiropractic care.
At Tustin Bodywork Bistro, we specialize in techniques that help to find the issue at hand, educating the patient on what the problem is, and explaining how and when correction can be made. Patients are held accountable for their involvement in their care and they find this approach to be very exciting and refreshing. When correction is achieved, we then recommend a wellness approach which embraces maintenance and prevention, and therefore contributing to a longer and healthier life.
Our approach to health and wellness is what makes us stand out among many chiropractic offices in Southern California at the forefront of healthcare. Our professionalism, excellent service, holistic, and individualized manner of patient care, has allowed our community and its many professions, including MD’s to entrust their patients in our hands.
People are recognizing the benefit of seeking an alternative to traditional medicine; one that will help them achieve and maintain optimal health, without the use of harsh drugs. To fully understand the nature of your health we recommend you join our free website membership program. Here at TBB we look forward to providing an unforgettable experience in your journey to optimal health and wellness.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Laila Nayab-Murshidi
Dr. Laila Nayab-Murshidi graduated at the top of her class from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles after earning a bachelor’s degree from California State University in Long Beach. After completing her education, she ran two chiropractic offices in San Diego. She then practiced in a large multidisciplinary practice alongside MD’s, PA’s, and Nurse Practitioners in Orange, CA for four years, where her services were an integral component of the complete care of patients. In January of 2009, went on to open Nayab Wellness Center, which now is called Tustin Bodywork Bistro (TBB).
Dr. Nayab-Murshidi is very much involved in her community. She is a member of the Tustin Chamber of Commerce, member of For You Network- for business women in her community, Tustin Toastmaster. She is involved in the Tustin Unified School District, Tustin Police Department and Fire Department and Tustin Senior Center. She and her team have participated in church food and toy drives, helped to raise money by sponserships in numerous events, such as AIDS Walk, Cystic Fibrosis Walk, and more. Anytime she has an opportunity to help the less fortunate, she manages to find a way to come through.
On a lighter note, she and her husband have a baby girl, whom they call the miracle baby. Dr. Nayab-Murshidi was told her fallopian tubes were blocked completely on both sides and would not be able to conceive naturally. After about a year-in-half she was pregnant with baby Rihaan. She attributes her miracle to chiropractic and creating a basic environment in her body thru the use of Herbs. She enjoys spending quality time with her husband, baby, and dog Bentley. She also enjoys working out, walking on the beach, indulging in dining out with friends and family, chocolate, and fine wine (which she has not been able to indulge in for some time).

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The fact is that most people will make healthier choices and live in a healthier way, if they know what to do and consider the benefits that good health can bring and the devastating costs associated with living in pain or being sick.

With wellness in mind, we open the door of discovery for you, in hopes that it provides you a simplification of how your body works and what happens if you don’t take care of it.


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